Honeyroa - Honey Lip Balm 2.9G - 5 Types

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A long lasting lip balm which often increases the lips. A crayon-type lip color balm aiming for a moisturizing atmosphere as Melty Conque. With a soft, soft touch on the mouth area, it fits nicely on lips which are not difficult to dry. Lack of quantity, and wrinkles and lines with vertical wrinkles. Abundantly moisturizes shea butter and also vegetable oils to keep the mouth of yours bright colored for a very long time while defending them from drying out. Bordeaux reddish stirs up adult interest. Even with the presence of its, it's a slight color tone which often complements your skin of an adult, producing an intelligent appearance. Lacking pearl A tip of honey. How you can use: Extend lip as well as apply straight away to lips.