Yes To - Yes To Superblueberries: Recharging Yogurt & Probiotics 3-In-1 Mask, Scrub & Cleanser 120G 4Oz / 120G

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Sure to putting your greatest face forward with greek yogurt and also superblueberries with probiotics for healthy looking, radiant skin. Cleanse, exfoliate and also deal with the skin of yours with this specific supercharged 3-in-1 Mask, Cleanser and Scrub. Formulated for stressed epidermis, this affluent, formula which is creamy offers customized use may be employed as a mask, cleanser or scrub individually or perhaps completely to energize and also rebalance skin. Take advantage of the included scoop to use and also disperse item all over face for a straightforward, mess free software. For: stressed skin The right way to use: Scoop simply the proper amount of formulation along with the scoop in the book and also add upon skin. Flip the spoon of to take advantage of for an even software all over face. To make use of as a mask, go away on skin for 10 15 minutes or even until dried out for optimum skin recharging amazing benefits. Include rinse and water for a relaxing clean, employing hands to stimulate exfoliating beads for a light rinse. In a time crunch? Change it set up as neede by employing as a mask, cleanser or perhaps scrub individually!