Chs - Diamond Cleansing Pad For Tiles 1 Pc

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First - synthetic diamonds good cotton Just add water without the need for substance cleansing agents Easily wash away obstinate stains Japanese governing administration departments, personal hotel. Tips on how to Use: Water which is clean was included with the cotton, could be employed to get rid of dirt, without adding some detergents Conform to wipe pure cotton earth area feel One doesn't have to enhance attempts Repeat scrubbing floor stains After eliminating the stain, flooded with water, along with become dry with a dried out cloth Mei After making clean cotton dried out, reusable If observed pure cotton area irregularities reduce diagram has long been totally cleared, change the newest self cleaning cotton Artificial Diamond Clean Cotton - H choice for floor tiles Intended for purifying the bathroom glass, is a reflection of, pottery and also other common stains various other (to stay away from scratching) Pack Size - one pc