Laneige - Mini Water Sleeping Mask Set Dream Bubble Collection 3 Pcs

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A limited edition mini set which includes 3 Laneige's best selling sleeping masks for that unique somoeone to end up with a well rested appearance.This Mini Water Sleeping Mask Set Dream Bubble Collection is made up of: Mini Water Sleeping Mask 25ml Mini Water Sleeping Mask Lavender 25ml Cica Sleeping Mask 25ml Benefits: A sleeping mask for intense moisture that contains naturally derived evening primrose extract and also hunza apricot extract. It will make skin clear, transparent and vital like the early morning skin is well rested with the Sleep tox purification of its. Little gel type formula soothes worn out plus skin which is rough. How you can use: one. Following day regimen just before slumber, dispense a good amount as well as use to nose, face, temple and chin. two. Lightly spread out with the face area starting out out of the middle as well as sticking with your skin texture. three. Following the mask is absorbed by skin, exit the mask on and get to sleep until the second morning. four. Propose using 2 3 times per week.