Yes To - Yes To Superblueberries: Recharging Greek Yogurt & Probiotic Diy Moisturizing Parfait Moisturizer + Booster 30Ml 1Oz / 30Ml

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Sure to greek yogurt and superblueberries and also probiotics combining forces to energize, moisturize and also handle stressed out skin. The two chamber application lets you personalize your combination by dispensing simply the proper amount of rich product greek yogurt with probiotic moisturizer to lock in hydration and also superblueberries booster, a light-weight rejuvenating gel, to protect skin. Use each individual formula by itself and mix them for the final skin reboot. In relation to stress, we ve acquired the skin outlet of yours! For: stressed skin The right way to use: Remove cap to show 2 dispensing chambers, 1 per formulation. Begin with 1 2 pumps of the Greek Yogurt Moisturizer strategy (white pump) and incorporate the Superblueberries Booster strategy (blue pump) as wanted. Combine formulas not to mention fingertips and slap on to face. Each formulation could in addition be worn solely evening or day time. DIY on your heart s delight to search for the ideal parfait for the skin of yours as most people understand a few days require even more of an increase compared to others!