Kose - Softymo Lachesca Cleansing Sheet 50 Pcs Moist

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Freshly developed sheet which confined a good deal of solution, refreshed pores of the skin. Additionally, it's comfy to your skin light. 3 tiers of cushion system confined a lot of solution, discovering a sheet brimming with juts. 3 varieties of ultra fine fibers fasten firmly to the epidermis, simply wash lightly to get rid of dirt and also make up on the skin pores solidly. Superior large sheet of 4 functions. The sheet is a big proportions of 15cm 20cm. One plot finishes makeup reduction, pore purifying, cleaning the face area, and solution impact. A clear plastic cap that is not hard to use with snap closing. Artichoke and also peppermint extracts which could be likely to end up with a hydrating impact, malic acid, which in turn is thought to smoothen down keratin, citric acid. Natural cosmetics, perhaps even for eyelash extensions. How you can use: Remove just one sheet as well as fold for a quarter & wash off of the makeup carefully without rubbing it clearly. Make use of poetry automobile while utilizing poetry so you are able to wash it all with a fresh surface, as well as accomplish when nothing at all gets stuck. Absolutely nothing to rinse out. Pack Size - fifty pcs