Intime Organique - Intime Trial Kit 2 Pcs

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The most common things in the Intime set Feminine Wash along with White Cream have turned up to the trial system for aproximatelly two months. When you're often aware about fragile zone therapy, even beginners, products which are inexpensive are highly recommended. Feel free to put it to use in a variety of scenes including driving, yoga studio and also workout room. was in the book by clear pouch. Intime Feminine Wash While maintaining the germs and also moisture natural in your skin inherent, cleans up the odors and also oils of interest. Commitment to organic plant substances, is earth friendly look for female's skin. Intime Whitening Cream A hydrating cream great for good care of fragile areas including V line, nipples and also armpit. The organic elements extracted from organic olive oil nourishes, softens as well as moisturizes the skin. It contributes to skin which is gorgeous by the synergy of the rice and raise ingredients bran extract along with dokudami extract. Intime Feminine Wash - 30ml Intime White Cream - 30g Pack Size - two pcs