Quality First - All In One Sheet Mask Ex 30 Pcs The Best

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Renewal release. The top aging treatment mask of the greatest peak which may be worn daily, corresponding to specialized great resolution photography that needs fantastic skin attractiveness. Raw collagen QF which quickly approaches to the notion of experience, concentrated yeast which promotes turnover and brings about skin full of firmness and moisture. Contains sixty three meticulously selected attractiveness substances for instance a base up moist which provides vigor for the skin through continued use. A multi layered stretch sheet which can hold a huge amount of serum features a a watch which covers the eyelids. Box type which could be opened as well as closed. No additives or additives used. How you can make use of: Use on skin which is clean after face washing. Open the bag and remove the sheet masks 1 by a single from the top. Fit the eyes and lips, leave it for aproximatelly 10-15 minutes, and get rid of the mask. Lightly wash all areas of the face with a peeled cover up.