Kao - Curel Intensive Moisture Care Skincare Refreshing Wipes 10 Pcs

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Skin moisturizing ingredient Curel regarded dry vulnerable skin which had been created concentrating on ceramide. Skin therapy sheet which often keeps skin which is rough and also skin which is rough, wipes the sweat that also causes skin issues, as well as moisturizes the skin. While preserving the main moisturizing component ceramide on the unfilled skin, wash off of the debris along with stickiness of sebum and sweat cleanly. Provide moisture content to the epidermis, keep skin thoroughly clean. With anti inflammatory formulation, helps prevent skin which is difficult and also heat rash. You are able to make use of it on fragile skin of child. Natural cotton hundred %, no fragrance, weak acidity, absolutely no color. How you can use: Wipe and so as to never scrape highly just where you're worried about sticky and dirty sweat and gluey. You are able to make use of the full body around the easy-to-sweat portion, when you're concerned, including heading away and after sports. Back side of elbow, foot, chest, arm, face, armpits, neckline, knee, etc. It's in addition advised for reduction of sweat, infant in addition to children's heat rash. You are able to make use of it prior to reapplying Medicated UV Lotion.