No3 - Style_Me Hard Wax 5 50G

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STYLE_me Hard Wax five, by no3. Difficult Wax maitains good location as well as retaining hair design, while emphasizing cozy texture. The fragrance of Fresh and also Natural Floral Fruity Green. Top note of leaf green, gardenia, apple. Middle mention of freesia, jasmine, rose. Last mention of woody, musk, amber. Vegan Hair Care Products, STYLE_me is made by Japanese Hair Beauty Maker, no3. Every STYLE_me merchandise is developed for the comfortable texture of its, while doing their very best to guard the atmosphere and also animals. Vegan as well as PETA Certification. eight promises from STYLE_me was acquired by STYLE_me. Animal-derived ingredients Free. STYLE_me would love to give some thought to the earth. Cruelty Free. In terms of animal welfare, STYLE_me never ever conducts animal testing that can cause pain to animals. GMO Free. STYLE_me hardly ever makes use of genetically modified ingredients that could have an effect on the planet or perhaps the human body. Formulated with all-natural products. As numerous organic plant derived ingredients as you possibly can is used by STYLE_me. Parapen Free. Parapens usually are not employed as preservatives. Nanomaterial Free. Inorganic facial particle raw materials of hundred nanometers or even a lot less are certainly not found. Gluten Free. STYLE_me doesn't have gluten vulnerable of acquiring allergies. Artificial coloring agent Free. STYLE_me goods are certainly not colored with man-made coloring agent.