Sulwhasoo - Serenedivine Oil 20Ml (5 Types) Forest Morning

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A profoundly nourishing skin oil with unusual Korean plant based components which illuminate skin which is dried out with a strong, shiny radiance. 5 forms of lovely scents from Sulwhasoo wake the fragile feelings for alternative care. First Peace, Gentle Blossom, Forest Morning: - The smooth and flexible oil strikes simply the right moisturizing sense of balance for skin with a light consistency which is easily taken in into your skin without a gooey sensation. Capturing Moment, Inner Fullness: - Abundant with texture and develops dense and without problems, absorbs rapidly without being sticky for healthy skin moisture. How you can utilize: Use 2 3 drops and slap on effortlessly to your whole face when using hydrating lotion or essence lotion of the early morning or perhaps at night.