Kose - Clear Turn Super Premium Fresh Mask 3 Pcs - 3 Types

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Brings the skin of yours the rejuvenation of an excellent night's sleep at night. A uniquely formulated additive free, hypoallergenic mask which treats dullness and also roughness. Strongly suggested owners of broken skin that is susceptible to external and internal stressors. The Pure Moisture effect: These masks are high in moisturizer which often will grow simply in specific springs of probably the freshest water. Meaning the finest of hydration is suffused all through the skin of yours. Natural moisturizer: Sakuran BG Sakuran is a moisturizer taken from Aphanothece sacrum, an algae that only expands under certain disorders in probably the clearest spring water. It's really uncommon, commonly found exclusively in several parts of Japan. Industry experts point out it's 5 times the hydrating operation of hyaluronic acid, setting up a veil of wetness. Hydration-sustainers: Ume plum flesh extract and also tremella fuciformis extract BG. Formulated with enhanced standard water coming from the Niyodo River in Kochi Prefecture, selected as Japan s highest quality drinking water for 5 years working. Not any extra fragrance, absolutely no additional color, mineral oil free, alcoholic drinks free (ethyl alcoholic drinks), paraben free (preservative), uv absorber free, non silicone. Freshly established micro 3D sheet. Made with cotton based supplies bemliese. Have a contoured area. Open the mask by taking the protruding tab on the right, use therefore the bumpy side is resistant to the epidermis, and then press down. Feel the serum rush upon the skin of yours. Distinct Formulated with coix seed extract, gyokuro green tea extract BC (moisturizer), vitamin C derivative1 (antioxidant due to this product). Ultra-Rich Formulated with Hyaluronic acid, pomegranate extract, cherry blossom extract BG (moisturizer). Firm & Radiant Formulated with collagen, silk extract, grain extract GL (moisturizer).