The Saem - Express Beauty Milk Peel Cotton Swab 2Ml

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Successfully eliminates dead skin cells on skin which is dull, helps refining skin pores and evening skin develop in one step. Contains AHA seven %, aloe extract as well as peptide complexes Easy methods to use: one. At the very first phase of the evening natual skin care regimen, bend around the dotted line in between the hose as well as stick, as well as make use of the cotton swab out. two. Lightly apply all areas of the face while staying away from the mouth as well as eye areas. three. Leave it on for five minutes to totally absorb. Don't have to clean off * Open properly before usage. Discard after individual usage. *Use twice or once each week determined by the problem of the skin. *May cause immediate gentle irritation. Safe to use. *Best to apply at night. Apply sunscreen if using at day.