Missha - Dashing Diva Magic Press Super Slim Fit Big Stone - 5 Types #48 Sophia

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This Dashing Diva Magic Press Super Slim Fit Big Stone Set is made up of: Nail Tips 30pcs Prep Pad one laptop Instruction Manual one laptop Mini File one laptop Wood Stick one pc Benefits: A toenail sticker set in place with glittering stone accents presents stylish and trendy toenail arts with salon quality. All too easy to use with steps which are simple to create the own personal nail art technique of yours at home. The renewal model of the super slim match design provides far better adherence on the fingernails of yours with no discomfort. How you can use: one. Take advantage of the follicle pusher to perfect the follicle line. two. Take advantage of the prep pad to get rid of additional moisture and also engine oil on nails. Just about any nail polish remover likewise could possibly be employed to offer the purpose. three. Choose a size which matches with the nails of yours and bring down the side or even edge when the size is just too serious to attach. four. Connect the item by aligning the cuticle of yours along with the tape movie of the nail suggestions and can be removed the movie to connect and also press for much better adherence. five. Take advantage of the nail pile to lightly grind down and state the advantage of nails to accomplish. Tips on how to remove: one. Create spaces in between the nail suggestions and the personal nails of yours with a wood stick. two. Soak acetone on the fire wood stick and get rid of the nail ideas by slowly pushing it all throughout the gaps. three. Use oil or serum on nails for treatments and also shelter to accomplish.