Naturelab - Lavons Le Linge Room Fragrance Set 2 Pcs - 3 Types

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Lavons Le Linge Room Fragrance 150g x one Lavons Le Linge Softener Supplement x one A tight amount set with a gel type area fragrance which often transfers the fragrance of rabon in the home area, in addition to 1 softener with similar aroma. A magnificent look with a gold cap over a large glass jar. New and also pleasurable floral eco-friendly aroma of champagne moon. That contains deodorant. The scent usually lasts aproximatelly one to 1.5 months. The period differs based on the planet and also the season. However, there are specific differences in the intensity as well as sensation of the perfume. How you can use: Remove the cap and get rid of the aluminum seal. Place the cap solidly and set it on a stable surface.