Ettusais - Lip Essence 2G Hot

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A hydrating result with lasting lip wrapping impact. Stick-like gloss serum for the treatment of lips which are dried out. Melty liven doctor prescribed, moisturizes for a very long time like the stick melts and also transfers on the mouth and wraps with serum. With a dazzling color, the baby's mouth are loaded with luster, like they had been attractive. How you can utilize: Please apply it paying cautious attention to the skin of yours. Don't make use of on places by having an abnormality like a a wound, swelling or perhaps eczema. If perhaps you observe some problems for instance inflammation, swelling, itching, spots, color damage (white patches etc.) and darkening, discontinue use as well as talk to a physician. When you keep on using, it could worsen. Take care not being this in the eyes of yours. After use, wash the container mouth pristine and tighten up the cap. Don't leave in high temperatures or perhaps direct sunlight. It is not food. Remember to beware of the best place to avoid accidental ingestion.