O Hui - The First Geniture Ampoule Advanced Special Set 12 Pcs

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The earliest Geniture Ampoule Advanced Special Set includes: The earliest Geniture Ampoule Advanced 80ml Cell Essential Source 22ml x four desktop pcs Softener 20ml Emulsion 20ml Essence 5ml Ampoule Oil 10ml Cream Intensive 7ml Eye Cream 5ml Foam Cleanser 80ml Benefits: Contains 24K orange, patented twenty nine Cell ingredients and also peony extract that supply nutrients and revitalize the skin of yours. Enriches moisture content to the skin of yours, passing on to the skin moist of yours, silky and soft. Ampoule Advanced: Moisturize the skin of yours while helping the skin texture, for helping build a smooth and flawless skin. Gives you a bright complexion while reviving the vigor of the skin of yours. The way to use: After using Cell Essence Source, you cna put on a modest degree on the face of yours well & pat lightly for greater absorption.