Kao - Curel Intensive Moisture Care Scalp Moisture Lotion 120Ml

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Dandruff, dry, itch, preparing to cleanse thoroughly but can't leave the hair scalp condition. Not simply clean scalp issues which can't be quenched quite easily, but in addition moisturizing treatments. Hydrating ingredients (hydrating ceramide useful ingredient, eucalyptus extract formulation. Successfully supplements the ceramide performance and also provides moisture content. Dandruff, keep itching, keep healthy and moist scalp. Strong touching nozzle being immediately worrisome. Accustomed to the scalp gently, non-sticky and sticky lotion style. This course is a hair scalp moisturizing product, it's not much of a hair tonic. How you can use: Is utilized it whenever you value dandruff, drying, itching, etc. It's particularly recommended using the shampoo after scrubbing it's simple to dry. Take out following towel dried out lightly. Flip the light blue cap from as well as softly arrive at the idea of the nozzle for the hair follicles. Don't press the nozzle highly from the hair scalp. Push the can and let out the solution. Allow it to become recognizable appropriately with the hands of yours. Press the bottle softly and change just how much used. But it's pressed highly, the solution might leave very much. In the event the nozzle gets filthy, wash it thoroughly clean.