Keep Cool - Ocean Fixence Mist 60Ml

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With oil level and also rain level, after putting it is going to create a cream movie for holding onto moisture content. With in fact as well as gentle fine particles and also floral scent and fruity, could be use before/after beauty products. Helps prevent caking, smudging beauty products efficiently in addition to help survive unpolluted beauty products for time which is long. Cools down epidermis with Scutellaria Baicalensis, Lonicerae Floss, Forsythia Fruit. Moisturizes skin with Seawater, Polyquaternium 4, Ceramide plus Jojoba Seed oil that also nourishes skin. How you can use: one. Shake carefully before use to put together the oil level and also rain level well. two. Bottle of spray from a distance 20 30 cm to the face of yours evenly.